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Re: I liked the Borg more before the Borg Queen and Q before Voyager.

exodus wrote: View Post
I see the Borg more as a philisophical debate.

If the collective are of one mind, who's one mind is dominate over the collective? So like in a Bee hive, the Queens one mind rules the collective by sending out commands thru frequency. Just like the Borg.
If it is a collective, there wouldn't BE one mind to dominate. "It" would be a mind. I have 100 billion neurons. Together they make a mind, but no one neuron dominates. Trek is written for a very individualistic culture. Think of Picard saying one of his We-work-not-for-gain-but-to-develop-our-talents-and-individuality speeches. Very 70's Humanist-Maslow-Rogers derived: I for myself, maybe my family, don't think of the greater community. Most humans who have lived on earth were integral parts of communities who lived, worked, ate, died together as a band/village/community with its own life and properties. Now we much more live separate lives in separate homes pursuing separate careers. So the Borg has to be shown as evil with a dominator, as the queen evolved into, especially in the recent Destiny fiction trilogy. GR didn't see a next, collective step as a necessarily bad thing; see my previous post.

exodus wrote: View Post
A Borg vessel is a metaphor for a sweat shop, I believe that's was the implication in "First Contact" of why a Borg Cube is so hot.
That's great! Also, when we're cramped and don't feel like we have enough PERSONAL space, it feels hot and stuffy. Reinforcing the "evil" of losing separate identity.

Odd that so many new spiritualists (Tolle foremost in the public's mind) emphasize losing or putting aside one's separateness in order to sense one's true, total, "real" being. This is close to the Borg IFF Borg had not evolved from a true collective into slaves as the shows went on. It was SO cooler in the beginning.

Karnbeln wrote: View Post
I think the Queen works best if you show her to be not just the one to whom the collective is enslaved, but that the queen is also the slave of the collective. The collective will of the Borg is what drives her entire mind, and the actions of the Borg are driven by the queen. She is the center of the hive mind, not the leader of it. She would not exist with a body except as a Locutus-like mouthpiece.
Again with the slave idea. My neurons are not slaves to my mind. They ARE it. She is the voice or executive function OF the mind. She is of it, not ruling it. (At least that's how she SHOULD be in a perfect world. In the recent books, she IS definitely an enslaver.)

(Does ANY cool concept in Trek ever survive unadulterated?? Mind meld, Klingons, Prime Directive, ad nauseum.)
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