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Re: Lost 5x11: "Whatever Happened, Happened"


For a Kate episode, it coulda been worse. Though I'm seriously disappointed she didn't drown him in the bathtub. That really woulda been shocking and yet totally in character. Even when she goes to talk to Claire's Mom and says he's waiting in the next room... I was hoping she would go in there all hopeful... only to find him floating facedown in the tub! Oh well.

Wow I really got something mixed up. I coulda sworn that was Claire's AUNT and not her mother. Whoops.

The Dharma Era story was pretty much just there but decent. The only part I found particularly interesting was that Ellie and Charles were nominally in charge of the Natives, which to me confirms that Widmore was the Others Leader who Ben duped into being exiled and that Ellie is his wife, which makes Faraday the son of Widmore and the step-sister of Penny.

Also, Ben was taken into the Temple and changed with "the sickness" just like Rousseau's friends. I was really hoping to see Cerebus come and drag in Lil'Ben himself but oh well. I hope we get to see how Lil'Ben changes after that intiation. I'm sure this initiation is also the thing that prevents the Others from time-skipping (recall even Cindy didn't time-skip).
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