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Re: Lost 5x11: "Whatever Happened, Happened"

I notice I've voted Above Average in almost every episode. Basically, everything is quality and keeps my attention, but I don't come running back saying "Holy Shit!"

It's a Kate episode, which usually hurts things. In this case, it worked out. If I were to break things down, the material of the flashback would be an above average (especially for a Kate episode), the connection to the island plot is average (although it does work with the idea of Kate caring about Ben), the revelation of why she came back is excellent (absolutely perfect to have Kate look for Claire. I can't wait until she does).

For the island stuff. I'll go with above average. Not a significant amount of stuff happened, but it raises my interest. Honestly, the Others here are what I wanted of the Others in the third season (although I think they being on a second island limited out interaction with their more mysterious stuff and it wasn't until later with Richard that they seemed mysterious again). I'm really interested in next week. Points for the time travel conversation as well.

BTW, would anyone agree that Jack is becoming Locke and Sawyer is becoming Jack? Jack is seeming like a dick, but Locke did at times too.

Also, did anyone else catch that the Hostiles (trying to show time period here) seemed to think of Charles (Widmore, I would assume) as their leader and Richard said "I don't answer to him." Richard seems to have an odd situation when it comes to leadership. He's always there, I wonder why he doesn't lead (there was a point in season 3 that we thought he was fighting with Ben for power. Then we found out he's immortal and it didn't seem as likely).
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