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Agent Richard07
Re: Lost 5x11: "Whatever Happened, Happened"

Above Average. That was a great episode. It felt like it was two hours, but it didn't drag at all.

- Sawyer is really shaping up to be a pretty good guy.

- I laughed out loud at Hurley and Miles' conversation about time travel. Hurley did bring up a good point too, one we've been debating. Why doesn't Ben that remember Sayid shot him?

- I'll let Evangeline Lilly's hair extentons go. Kate looked great all dressed up in her flashback.

- So... Kate thinks Claire is alive. What comes out of this oughta be good. Wasn't it agreed that Claire was dead?

- I wonder what Richard is going to do to Ben. At least it answered why Ben doesn't/won't remember Sayid.
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