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Re: "Tea. Earl Grey. Hot." Did Picard really need to say it?

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Nope, Cakes, not in the South (which is wear Praetor lives, last I checked). In the South, the phrase "sweet tea" specifically refers to iced tea that has been pre-sweetened. It's becoming popular here in the Midwest, too, which is OK with me so long as I can still get the unsweetened kind. Hot tea that is sweet is "tea with sugar." Really.

Tea - by which I generally mean hot, sweet tea - should be served with milk and honey. Sugar goes in coffee.

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Personally I'd have a button on my touch screen that replicates the correct tea whenever I press it; though it does seem in the Star Trek TNG future everything is voice activated; Tea Earl Gray Hot takes 2-3 seconds to say, but press a button and it takes what, half a second?
That's what I'd do. I usually don't feel like talking first thing in the morning. I'd want a button, and if it had to be voice activated I'd progam the computer to interpret.

'hrmph' = Tea, Red Rose, Hot, with milk and honey

I think buttons and keyboards would be easier for a lot of what they do by voice commands in Star Trek. Giving passwords, for one thing.
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