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Re: A Singular Destiny review thread (possible spoilers)

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^Just because they have a cloak doesn't mean they have to use it very often. If they use it only in emergencies or situations that call for it, there shouldn't be a problem. SF wouldn't use it routinely, only as a defensive tool when in a hostile area/situation. All they need to do is make sure any non-essential systems are on standby. For example...When the cloak is engaged, things like holodecks and high powered labs would be shut down to minimum so they can get the most out of the cloak.
Yes, if the Treaty of Algeron didn't exist. My point is, I assume the reason the UFP was willing to agree not to develop cloaking tech was because they could live without it, because it would rarely play a major role in the operations of their ships anyway.
Perhaps, but it seems rediculously 1-sided for the Federation to agree that only they are prohibited from using cloaking devices while the Romulans can cloak to their hearts' content. I mean, my god, was the Romulan War going THAT badly for the Federation that they would concede to that point?!

While I agree that a cloaking device would not be at all practical for something like a Galaxy-class exploration vessel/luxury hotel in space, they could at least outfit their smaller, more combat-focused ships with it. Perhaps they could even develop a new class of larger, more heavily armed warships comparable to a Klingon Negh'var-class battlecruiser or a Romulan warbird. It may seem somewhat antithetical to the Federation's peaceful intentions but it would also seem a necessary evil after the cataclysms of the Dominion War & the Borg invasion and uncertainty of this new era of the Typhon Pact.
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