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Re: (UEFA) Football Thread - Football not Soccer

Well ENG was a game of two halves with a decent enough 1st half peformance but my god did we lose the plot in the 2nd half. Too many sloppy passes, uneeded fouls (yes you Barry) and no tempo or pace what to speak off after Lennon went off.

My Ratings

James (6) - Has done nothing to convince anyone he should be number 1 and despite not needing too do much he still found time to make his one mistake by misjudging a shot and only just getting away with it.

Johnson (6.5) - Tried to make forwards runs but with little impact and ruined a decent 1st half display with a shaky last 45 minutes with included needless fouls and a stupid yellow card.

Terry (7.5) - Didn't have much to do but along with Ferdinand, should of done better to organise the defence for Ukraine's goal. However set up a goal and scored other one to lead by example.

Ferdinand (7) - Same really as Terry minus any goal support of course but his back is becoming a major worry, England cannot afford anymore cropped players

A.Cole (6.5) - Pretty much same as Johnson and after a decent display in 1st half, erratic passing and lapses in concentration didn't help him push his cause with the fans. Best defender going forward but had little impact mainly due to no one trying to link up with him forcing him to punt the ball forward

Lennon (7) - Didn't get much of the ball but when he did, he looked a real threat and apart from one bad ball his crossing was much much better. However needs to be more vocal and demand the ball more.

Barry (5.5) - Unimpressive and gave away too many needless fouls by holding players but failed to learn from his mistakes and got booked. His passing wasn't there and failed to help England pick up a faster tempo in the middle

Lampard (6) - Clearly doesn't like being on a tight leash for home games and while he produced a tidy display didn't look like the player he is for Chelsea.

Gerrard (6) - Started well but as the match wore on he looked tired and dissapered from the match. When it comes to playing the top 15 teams in the world he cannot get away with being on the left flank and Capello needs to put him in the middle.

Rooney (8) - Our best player by a mile though dipped in the last 20 minutes but still was involved in most of the play and unlucky maybe not too sneak a goal in the 1st half. Struggled to play with Crouch however and still lacks that yard of pace he had before the 2006 World Cup.

Crouch (6.5) - Tried hard and did well with the goal but his lack of strength makes his height almost useless. Clearly not the man to partner Rooney up front but is still worth the squad place.


Beckham (6) - Never got into the game and with Crouch starting, I felt he should of began the game. Didn't get many chances to put those crosses in but still was involved in the goal with a trademark pass.

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