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Lieutenant/JG Ellen McCabe
Okay, I'll watch it.
Wow, didn't even take twisting ur arm!

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Your login name says you are in Birmingham UK.
Are you filming 'Hyperion' in the UK?

Will you plan on having a blog during pre-production (building sets/costuming/etc.)? A blog during production?
If not can you post some production stills here on this thread while in production?

What is your timeline for editing, CGI post production, sound work and finishing?
Well, if I'd ever done a blog before then I probably would! We're doing some publicity photos while everyone's together for that week, and should have a photographer on set for the shoot, so there should be some periodic photo releases over the few months after it.

Also, we're looking into streaming the whole event across the net from a static camera on the ceiling, while it's being filmed. So people can be nosey about whats going on.

Timeline for a 10/15 section of the film is set for November while the filming of other scenes carries on over the months between. Costuming is already well on it's way, and as soon as we've got one up to spec I'll post it up.
Editing, AE and Colour Correction will take a couple of months, and the 3D is at around 30/40% of the way through. Animating started two days ago.

Props are a bit behind, but we're looking into what we can do to speed up the process.

I won't go into paperwork...all I'll mention is Risk Assessment! *shudders*

And yeah, all UK based, but in Stafford. The actors are giving up their free time coming from London, Liverpool, Birmingham, and Cardiff. Some are Stafford based which helps a lot.
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