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Re: A Hater Revisits Voyager

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hehe, good one. I actually needed to search memory alpha to remember the date.
Well I got fooled by Jammer's review of the BSG finale today, I felt I had to pull my own humorous stunt. Back to the reviews.

Deadlock (**)

I think this episode sums up what we were saying about Braga a page or two back; he has great ideas but struggles in the execution sometimes. This episode seems to be predicated on the idea of Voyager getting blown all to hell, and when that is all that is happening in the first two acts it makes fantastic television. Harry gets blown out into space through a breach in the hull, the Wildman baby dies just minutes after birth, the bridge is evacuated due to the massive damage Voyager is sustaining... this is Voyager as you have never seen it before.

But then comes the realisation that there is a duplicate Voyager where everything is okay. This is a good idea, but it struggles to make any sense, and the third and fourth acts are filled with technobabble limitations to the problem. My solution would be that one Voyager should turn to port while the other turns to starboard, that should separate them, but I don't remember this most logical course of action even being discussed, it is all "deflector array" this and "anti-matter reserves" that.

Then you have the final act where the Vidiians attack, which is exciting but destroys everything the first two acts had going for them by having Harry take the baby and bring it back to the damaged Voyager. Another problem I have is that the Vidiians are just used as evil villains and that goes against the thing that makes them so interesting; the plight of their illness. It really could have been anybody boarding the ship.

At the end of this episode Voyager is in pieces and their energy reserves are nearly empty, and I'm almost certain that this isn't going to have an impact on the next episode when it really should. I have a choice; I can either deduct a star from this episode for showing such extreme damage or I can deduct it from the next episode which isn't going to follow up on it. I have chosen to deduct it from the next episode because I'm not going to penalise this episode for taking risks and doing something exhilarating, this episode should be rewarded for that.

That being said, I'm still taking away half a star because the warp engine was working in this episode even though there was no resolution about that last week.

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