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Re: USS Arthur Radford

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just out of intreast why is there two deflector dishes? i'd be inclinced to dump the one in the 2ndry hull maybe add a torpedo tube or two
That's a good question. It's an artifact from the source saucer. I didn't want to redrawn either the Fore view of the saucer or the Port view of the Secondary hull as I'm not that good with Photoshop. I didn't add anymore torpedoes there as that would just get to a ridiculous number for such a small hull. When I redraw it in CAD I'm going to obsolete this drawing and rectify the doubled deflectors. Perhaps I'd fair the lower hull up into the saucer or just dump the saucer deflector. I'll have to see what looks better. For now let's just say the upper one is a long ranger targeting array for the torpedo launchers . I do have an idea for a sister class that mounts a larger phaser cannon in that location and loses the upper torpedo pod.
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