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Re: Borg Queen
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she started appearing in every Borg episode in later Voyager, and suddenly it wasn't the Borg themselves that were the threat, it was just the queen, and her drones were basically mindless footsoldiers
Anwar wrote
the Borg are fundamentally boring as a recurring evil. They work better as the occasional threat seen every few seasons
I do agree.
The collective is a large concept but to dramatize it for television (or for feature film for that matter) you have to have individual characters to deliver dialogue and make the plot happen. The borg Queen was a character to do that but then it became so much about HER and with Janeway talking TO her. Negotiating WITH her to get 7of9 back.
The Borg do NOT negotiate. It ruins the large concept idea.

Damask wrote
I'd be interested to hear how people would make the Borg a reoccurring enemy but not Voyagerize them.
It is pretty hard to keep it in canon but could be possible.
I would be also interested in hearing how they could be a semi-regular character in a new series.
I would also like to see what if CGI borg would be more scary.
A borg CGI character model WAS created for the ENT episode Regeneration when the two are forced out of the airlock. I wonder how they would hold up for CGI closeups since they are not quite human especially with the color the skin turns once they become Borg.
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