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Re: A Singular Destiny review thread (possible spoilers)

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What I've always had trouble believing is that the Klingons would use cloaks. I mean, if Starfleet wouldn't "skulk around," why would the Klingons? Wouldn't they consider it dishonorable to sneak around and hide? Sure, you can somewhat rationalize it on the grounds that warriors value stealth, and that you have to decloak to fire so you're still facing your enemy openly. But the whole idea of Klingons using cloaks is basically an unfortunate artifact of Harve Bennett originally writing ST III with Romulan villains and then failing to change the technology when he changed the species.
Really though its not like all Klingons are honourable. I mean consider Gowron or Duras or Toral and quite a few others. Seems to be that some Klingons are more concerned with just winning and fighting then worry about things like honour.

Plus I like to go with what Worf said in regards to Klingons cloaked and lying around in ambush in battlefields:
"In war, there is nothing more honorable than victory."

Agreed. The Klingons talk about honor constantly, but they are also practical. The Federation is, arguably, the strongest and best equiped power in the AQ. Since they were the Klingons main adversary in the 2200's, any tech that helps you against your enemies, is good tech. When the two nations became allies, the Klingons ended up making enemies of the Romulans, and at that point, getting rid of cloaking tech would have been foolish. Ships like Birds of Prey are perfect for cloaks as they are as Christopher said: "stripped down no-frills warships."
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