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Re: A question about Bendii Syndrome.

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Since Sarek was afflicted with the disease, does that mean that Spock will contract it as well? (especially if it is a genetic condition).
He might be more prone to contracting it by virtue of the family genetics.

Then again, I suspect there was a lot of genetic ping-pong being played during Spock's gestation (the was probably a fair amount of lab time involved) that may have lowered the odds on this happening.

Or, the basic fact of his human-vulcan hybrid nature might have opened up a whole genetic can of worms leaving poor Spock susceptible to any variety of nasty congenital defects, diseases, and syndromes over the course of his life. It is possible, although not addressed in the stories we've seen about him, that Spock has had to periodically submit to check-ups or somesuch to monitor and correct various potential ailments all his life.

and gods know what sort of monkey-wrenches having died and been revived by the Genesis Effect may have had on the whole mess.
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