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Re: Wolverine And The X-Men - anyone watching?

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It's okay, not great. I wish they would let wolverine just cut loose for once and go ''berzerker'' and hack/slash some villians, blood ''N'' guts flying everywhere and afterwards have him smoke a cigar! I know it's a ''kids'' show and it will never happen, but I can dream
Have you seen the "Hulk Vs" dvd? It has a short "Hulk vs. Wolverine" which is something of a prequel to this series. The animation is similar, and the voice actor for Wolverine is the same; the Weapon X characters are introduced there - and there's a sequel to it in the series called "Wolverine vs. Hulk". And this dvd prequel is very bloody. Deadpool has a very memorable scene.
HOLD ON!! DEAD-POOL! ''THE'' DEAD-POOL is in this? the merc with a mouth is in the DVD?! I love that ''nut'' he's my favorite marvel charactor!He's damned funny as hell to! Has anybody here read DEAD-POOL/secret invasion? or the recent one-shot? PRICELESS!
Yeah, and he's pretty accurate to his original too!

HINT: like with the Iron Man movie, watch all the way through the closing credits
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