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Star Trek:DOMINION - Thread II

Had DS9's name become Star Trek: DOMINION either in February 1997 or for the start of the Fall '97/Spring '98 TV season, I think the opening credits should've been some sort of amalgam of this & this. But centered around DS9's primary Fed, Card, & Dominion characters.

The new theme music & score would be made by Alan Silvestri & sound much like this.

When ST: Dominion ended, alot of episodes would end with characters freezing in their interaction or dialogue as the end credits came up. The end credits would feature various scenes from episodes.

At the end of the opening credits, as in the original Classic A-Team Opening, either Worf, Odo, Sisko, or O'Brien would be "BA" knocking down a door.

Would've been glorious

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