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Re: When did the Federation outlaw genetic engineering

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So one wonders when the Federation introduced the flat prohibition of eugenics?
Dunno - sometime after ST:NEM, perhaps?

I mean, there's no evidence of a "flat ban" in those instalments of Trek that we actually saw. All we get is the supposed rule against producing supermen - a rule that first finds expression in "Dr. Bashir, I Presume", a case where a superman of sorts has indeed been produced.

Now, one would think that what was done at the Darwin Genetic Research Station in "Unnatural Selection" would be against the ban, too, since the results were supermen. But that was in controlled laboratory conditions. We never hear there would be a ban on genetic research. All we hear is that the UFP doesn't allow for unregulated application of that research on the average Joe or Jane.

Timo Saloniemi
Actually, the situation in Unnatural Selection was even worse since it produced augments who's very existance, no matter how benign, proved lethal to normal humans.
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