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Re: Wolverine And The X-Men - anyone watching?

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Why do you hate Wolverine and Emma Frost, and why was the franchise better in the past, exactly?
i really don't like one minor uninteresting character being billed as "top dog" when there's no logical reason that he would have lasted this long. his powers compared to the others are nothing and the fact that he's being marketed s one of the most powerful is absolute garbage. HE ruined x3 because the film's story was tailored so that the idiot can be at the center of it all. i just don't get his popularity.

and leading from that first reason he's on every damned marvel title. it wouldn't surprise me if we see him on every dc comics title now... >_< it's just ridiculous for this one damned character to get all the stories and spotlight when he's really not that much. very annoying. i think of him as the jar jar of the marvel universe.
I think you might be missing the joke of irony, they even poke fun of it in the films too. About how Wolverine is the center of attention but the plots and story focus is never about him. Not one X-Men story or plot is ever about Wolverine, just go thru all the major stories & plots.

God Loves Man Kills
PHoenix Saga
Dark Phoenix Saga
Days of Future's Past
Extinction Agenda
X-Ecutioner's Song
Age Of Apocalypse

the list goes on...

Even the films:
First plot was to get & use Rogue
Second was to get and use Charles
Third was to get and use Phoenix

Wolvie isn't top dog, he just a means to an end to carry the story along.
exactly. so when they took some of those great story arcs and tried to make them wolvercrap-centric they came up with... crap, for lack of a better word. trying to make the story not center on the focus of the story is just stupid. the third movie was about the phoenix and the cure and instead it became a very short wolvercrap movie. not that he's the only one to blame for that pile of a movie. they just picked the wrong people for it. first the director... come on. they thought getting a fluf comedy director would do well with an epic drama? who's bright idea was that. second, the writer. that guy needs to be shot dead. i don't know how he managed to turn two great story arcs into one very short bore-fest. that's quite an accomplishment really. one would almost think it was done deliberately. those two stories combined should have netted at least 3 hours worth of movie and not 1.5 hours.
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