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Re: Long-Winded Treknology: The Original Series

Due to circumstances (that presumably I am not wanted to publicly disclose), there is no point (from my perspective at least) to discussing this matter further. Considering the things that have been said, I certainly agree that's for the best.

Dave is extremely intelligent, talented, and very dedicated to Star Trek. Its unfortunate that we can't agree to disagree on any legitimate points, or -- better still -- to find some common ground.

Its interesting that simply pointing out that different interpretations of the ship/model/plans can/do exist has led to this result. These sort of situations are an example of why 99.9% of my Treknology has been a solitary endeavor and the remaining 0.1% is too often immensely dissatisfying.

When I was young, I was able to watch late night re-runs of Flash Gordon and other old serials, and of course a lot of black and white movies. Whether because of that exposure, or because of the era I grew up in, I can still appreciate those old films, old radio shows, old novels, old comic books, etc. Flaws and all. I don't think that more recent generations have had similar exposure or can have a similar appreciation, and what excites them as viewers is not what the old media was about. The "old" materials I speak of date from the 1950s and earlier. Today, TOS, is getting about as old as those things were to me when I was young. After the lackluster attempt at TOS Remastered, I wonder if it has succeeded at bringing the series to a new generation or just added new boxes to the shelves of old -- getting older -- fans? Will the original Star Trek be just as meaningless and silly as today's generation sees Flash Gordon or Universal's great horror movies? Will a reboot "solve" the problem?

So, as I see it, its up to the fans -- if anyone can keep what the original TOS was about alive, keep it meaningful, keep it from being obsolete. People that don't want to take but give. People who will make fan films and fan series, people who will work into the wee hours of the morning making blueprints and technical manuals -- that hopefully will be freely available to all. People of immense talents that create incredible 3D models, if only to generate a few screenshots or wallpaper for desktops. These people will always understand Star Trek better than business types that are just managing a franchise for maximum profit.

But the problem is to maximize these efforts we need to work together. And people don't often work well together. We are egotistical and irritable. We are opinionated and all too often obsessed. We all feel frustrated and tired in the world we live in, a world that is not Gene Roddenberry's world and seems to get further from it on most days. We are all these negative things and more. But we have to make a choice, that we are not going to be these things today.

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