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Re: Keeping Pets in Starfleet...

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Well, then you have my approval at least.

I just realized I neglected to respond to this:
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No pets allowed on board ship, of course, but then again, no families, either.

On base all that's allowed...maybe a starship is sort of half ship, have base?
"Have Base, Will Travel"?

*pats self on back*

I know what you mean, though. I really strongly suspect the degree to which Starfleet adheres to the more traditional 'military' model varies according to the political ebbs and flows of the particular era, too. TOS and the ovies seemed very military, so no families/pets on Starfleet ships in the mid to late 23rd. TNG was more family friendly so families and pets in that era. Then DS9 gave us the Dominion War - I imagine families were banned from most ships for a while, even if they were still allowed on the 'base' DS9. And of course as mentioned earlier, VGR was a special case.
"ovies"? *pokes Praetor in a friendly but joking manner and pats self on back*

Yeah, I do think it sort of ebbed and flowed, depending on the situation at the time during which the show was set and also the specific mission. For that matter, it varies at military bases on foreign soil during our own time, too.

So why Archer was allowed to bring that dog is one of those little mysteries that will never truly be solved. I mean, surely nobody thought his a routine mission?
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