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Re: A Hater Revisits Voyager

Investigations (*)

For an arc to be successful it needs to have a good ending. This is the reason why season 4 of Enterprise didn't work for me, while there was some great episodes that year I felt that they kept on messing up the final episode in each of the arcs. Well this episode is the end of the Jonas/Paris/Kazon arc and it is a complete clusterf#@k.

Firstly, Neelix solves the case. That's right, the chef decides to give himself a TV show and then he thinks he is a serious journalist and then he is able to solve a crime that the Vulcan with over a hundred years of experience in criminal investigations was unable to solve. Whoever had that bright idea deserves to be hit over the head with a hammer every 4 seconds for the next 28 years. Actually, make that 29 years.

Paris leaves the ship and Neelix gives a nice speech on his show about him. Great, except I know that Paris is only pretending to leave as part of a convoluted ruse which makes little sense. Janeway leaves Paris with a Talaxian convoy in the hope that the Kazon will attack and capture him. So Janeway came up with a plan which involved the Kazon attacking and potentially killing a completely innocent group of people? I'm beginning to think that all the races they have met recently are correct, Voyager is a dangerous ship that should be avoided at all costs.

There is a lot of crap in this episode which I don't need to go into, but the final confrontation involves Neelix throwing Jonas into a conveniently exposed plasma vent in a conveniently empty engine room and vapourising him, then Neelix saves the ship by pushing some buttons. Tuvok comes in and Neelix says to him:

"Well, I'm going to have plenty of material for tomorrow's Briefing With Neelix. "

YOU JUST KILLED A MAN!!! You don't spout sound-bites after being forced to do such a horrific thing, you are not Steven Segal!

Incredibly disappointing episode. If I was the suspicious type (and I am) then I would say that Jeri Taylor, the writer of this episode, purposefully ruined the ending to this arc so that she would have an excuse not to do another one. One more point: Voyager ended this episode with her warp-drive still inoperable and they weren't able to get any spare parts from the planet they were going to since it was a trap. If this isn't mentioned in the next episode I'm deducting half a star.
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