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Re: Cast the Characters of Trek Literature

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^Subtle? Calhoun?
The character is so over the top that I always imagined the actor playing him would have to keep it fairly understated, to avoid becoming a caricature. Subtle menace, when the lines are delivered with sarcasm.

I think people keep focusing on the witty banter side of his character, and keep forgetting his supposed to be able to stand there and just look at you and have you get an impression of a savage bastard just barely restrained. Browder, Fillion, and anyone from Stargate I can possibly imagine wouldn't be able to pull that off at all.
Maybe Fillion could... I think I see your point when it comes to Browder and Flanigan. Maybe they aren't "savage" enough...

Maybe Christian Bale or (gasp) Hugh Jackman? Other than the penchant for showtunes, the Jackman seems pretty wild...
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