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Re: A Singular Destiny review thread (possible spoilers)

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I must say I am quite excited about the Typhon Pact stuff and though I hope they don't end up in a full blown war, I would be happy to see a cold war and tensions in the region as both sides try to get what they want. Plus, I really hope we get to see more of the Kinshaya and the Breen as it sounds like a perfect opportunity to peek into these new and never before seen alien races

Also, don't want to resurrect the argument here but Captain's Blood had an interesting point saying that the Romulans did not expect Shinzon to actually destroy Earth but rather to end the Cheron Accords and to begin the militarization of the Neutral Zone. Was an interesting thought on the subject as I personally thought they wanted Shinzon to destroy Earth.
Outright destruction is not really the Romulan way; they are more calculating. Destruction on that level isn't even a Klingon way of thinking. The Romulans didn't need the whole AQ getting pissed at them.

I wonder what state the Cheron Accords, and the Neutral Zone for that matter, will be in with all of the new political bodies popping up ? Could be very interesting...
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