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Re: Excelsior Technical Manual - Revived!

Sarvek wrote: View Post
I really love where this project is going with the background on the Excelsior but it would also be great to see more artwork depicting the Excelsior NX-2000 vs. the Excelsior NCC-2000.
Don't worry, there will be. I just have too much real world stuff going on at the moment to dedicate myself to the drawing work at the moment, but I promise, stay tuned, they're coming.

Mark_Nguyen wrote: View Post
Are we putting aside Sulu's running story about him and the Excelsior as depicted in the filmed-but-dropped scene in STII, and followup in the novels? I quite liked the notion of him already being the Captain-in-waiting in II, being proud of saying she had transwarp drive in III, and (in the novels) being denied his official promotion because of the Genesis incident and then accepting a temporary reduction in rank while they ironed out the transwarp problems in IV and V... Or are you considering your prose as part of the Genesis coverup?
A good, good question, actually.

I was, at one point, considering including it, but thought since it was essentially dropped from the continuity that I would do the same. However, your explanation seems somewhat plausible and I'm willing to reconsider.

I see two possibilities:
1) Styles was just a test captain all along, and Sulu was intended to be the first real captain but TSFS/Genesis ruined that
2) Sulu was intended to take command in TWOK but when the Khan/Genesis issue pushed the timetable, they pushed Sulu to the sideline to stick to their timetable, with the assignment then being given to Styles

What does everyone else think?
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