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Re: I liked the Borg more before the Borg Queen and Q before Voyager.

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I see the Borg more as a philisophical debate.
On this point I agree - the Borg are a comparison philosophy. However, on the rest...

If the collective are of one mind, who's one mind is dominate over the collective? So like in a Bee hive, the Queens one mind rules the collective by sending out commands thru frequency. Just like the Borg.
The idea that one person dominates the others goes against the original intent of them being a collective mind. It's not that one dominates, it's that they are all joined together. Their minds are linked into one giant mind that can do greater things. Like networking computers into a big supercomputer. More on the Queen in a moment...
I see what you mean but the Borg pick and choose what species is worthy of assimilation & who isn't. They also decide what information, once that species is assimilated, is useful & what isn't. If left to a true collective mind, how would there ever be consensus of agreement amoung them of what is worthy and what isn't? Wouldn't it take one dominate mind to make that choice for all? The Borg would still require a mind to organize them, right?

We've seen even in "BOBW" that the Borg run on autopilot until certain command words are given. Ex: Assimilate, Regenerate, etc. If they need command words given by the Queen & function on auto-pilot, then doesn't both a dominate & collect mind exist?
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