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Re: I liked the Borg more before the Borg Queen and Q before Voyager.

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I see the Borg more as a philisophical debate.
On this point I agree - the Borg are a comparison philosophy. However, on the rest...

If the collective are of one mind, who's one mind is dominate over the collective? So like in a Bee hive, the Queens one mind rules the collective by sending out commands thru frequency. Just like the Borg.
The idea that one person dominates the others goes against the original intent of them being a collective mind. It's not that one dominates, it's that they are all joined together. Their minds are linked into one giant mind that can do greater things. Like networking computers into a big supercomputer. More on the Queen in a moment...

So in essence, the Borg are slaves ruled by a slave master, the Borg Queen. They're a threat because they come for you, take you & brainwash you into slavery. Her slave, to do her will. She is the Borg, the beginning & the end. Human slavery is a concept that will never die, it's wrong but somewhere in the world and now the galaxy, it's allowed to exist. A Borg vessel is a metaphor for a sweat shop, I believe that's was the implication in "First Contact" of why a Borg Cube is so hot. Why would advance computer technology give off heat in cold space? Unless that clue was given up for deeper meaning.
I think you're so close here to the real truth of it that it could bite you. You are right that it's a metaphor for slavery - but not of the conventional oppressor/oppressed kind. I believe that the Borg were essentially a metaphor to represent 'groupthink' (and perhaps by extension Communism) and the dangers of giving over individuality totally to the common will. They do come and take you and brainwash you into slavery.

The 'Queen' is best viewed as just a personification of the Collective's mind - a conduit for their consciousness. She directs drones, similar to your bee analogy, but not at her personal whims - instead, at the needs of the Collective itself. Replace 'she' with 'they' and I think you're more on target to the original intent, regardless to what later writers tried to do with the Queen and making her a more traditional 'leader.'

Regarding the fact that the Queen behaves like an emotional individual - think of her as embodying the collective emotional individuality of the Borg. Consider: the Borg are used to getting what they want. The Borg Queen to some degree behaves like a spoiled little girl. Spoiled little girls are also used to getting what they want. Isn't it only natural and to some extent logical that the embodiment of the collective individuality of countless drones might develop a 'spoiled' and impatient 'personality,' particularly when dealing with what she repeatedly considers 'small' annoyances?
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