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Re: I liked the Borg more before the Borg Queen and Q before Voyager.

I see the Borg more as a philisophical debate.

If the collective are of one mind, who's one mind is dominate over the collective? So like in a Bee hive, the Queens one mind rules the collective by sending out commands thru frequency. Just like the Borg.

So in essance, the Borg are slaves ruled by a slave master, the Borg Queen. They're a threat because they come for you, take you & branwash you into slavery. Her slave, to do her will. She is the Borg, the beginning & the end. Human slavery is a concept that will never die, it's wrong but somewhere in the world and now the galaxy, it's allowed to exist. A Borg vessel is a metaphor for a sweat shop, I believe that's was the implication in "First Contact" of why a Borg Cube is so hot.
Why would advance computer technology give off heat in cold space? Unless that clue was given up for deeper meaning.
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