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Re: When did the Federation outlaw genetic engineering

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There seems to be some contradictory evidence that eugenics is illegal in the Federation. Unnatural selection clearly shows federation citizens conducting eugenics. In "Masterpiece Society" Picard was more concerned about undermining the integrity of the colony than the fact that we was introducing genetic supermen into Federation society.

So one wonders when the Federation introduced the flat prohibition of eugenics?
"Dr. Bashir, I Presume?" firmly establishes that the ban existed at least as far back as Julian Bashir's childhood in the 2340s, and ENT's Augments arc seems to imply that the Federation essentially inherited United Earth's ban on genetic engineering. It's a ret-con, pure and simple. The novel The Buried Age by Christopher L. Bennett reconciles the issue in passing by mentioning that the colony in "The Masterpiece Society" had been given special dispensation by the Federation government to engage in genetic engineering.
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