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Re: When did the Federation outlaw genetic engineering

The ban on genetic engineering must be a pretty detailed document defining exactly what they mean, not just a simple statement that it isn't allowed. For instance, Spock was genetically engineered and I'm sure that could be said of any other hybrid people. That is allowed. And would they allow a bit of tweaking to eliminate naturally occurring birth defects?

I completely understand and agree with the ban on creating "genetic supermen" but realistically, where do they draw the line?
/\ I agree with this as I just reading up on Bashir entry on Memory Alpha where it says that when he was young he had problems with keeping up with children his own and was mentally slow at learning, just like a lot of people are today. You'd think that by the 24th century there'd be a legal medical procedure that would cure any mental deficiences that are found in Human children that wouldn't come under the Genetic Engineering law as it's basically fixing a flaw in someones genes not improving them.
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