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Re: Wolverine And The X-Men - anyone watching?

I did mean season. Sorry. I watch a lot of british tv (AbFab, the Doctor Whoniverse, Little Britain, etc) and I get my words mixed up as a result. I loved the Season.

I think it was called Wolverine & the X-Men to capitalize on the Wolverine movie - or at least that's what I assumed when the series was announced. But while Wolverine isn't my favorite character, I think putting him in a leadership role has worked wonders for Scott / Cyclops; his character has taken on some of the traits associated with Wolverine and I think it's really worked well for him. And this Logan has taken on some of Scott's personality as well. I really like this version of the team. A lot of the story / character seems based on the films, but they're not afraid of bringing in lots of comic inspired characters / stories - or of taking risks.

As for Emma Frost, I thought she worked wonders here. I'm so sick of Jean Grey. I used to love her and the Phoenix storyline but it's just been done to death. Literally. She's alive. She'd dead. She's alive. She's a clone. She's the Phoenix Force. She's travelled through time. She's dead. She's Alive. I just can't deal with it anymore. However, I do think they deal very well with this permutation of her character in this series, so I like her a lot more here; and I'm actuallly excited to see what the 2nd season will bring for these characters. I really enjoy the large cast of characters. I was constantly impressed at seeing so many favorites of mine, and seeing them used well. And they always left me hungry for more.

I'm hooked.
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