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Re: Patricia Arquette: Genre babe of the week #14 (Mar. 2009)

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Up. Some people are just beautiful no matter what they're outward appearance and she's one of them. I met Patricia on the set of a movie called Troublebound some years ago. She was gracious and charming while remaining down to earth. While standing around the set(I was a film runner and had to wait for the production to wrap for the day) I started talking to her 3yr old son, who'd been driving the nanny nuts. When Patricia noticed, she halted filming to come over and talk to me. I ended up riding herd on him the rest of the afternoon while the nanny went back to the hotel. Patricia and I had a beer after the wrap over at craft services and chatted a while. When it was time to leave the location she gave me a hug and thanked me. It wasn't until I'd made the 45 minute drive back to the city to drop the film that I discovered a fifty in my pocket. I was sleeping on a friend's couch at the time, trying to put my life back together financially. That fifty kept me in gas and food until I got paid for the movie job. My impression of her was that the character she plays on Medium, at least when she's interacting with her TV family, is how she acts away from the cameras. She may be older and heavier, and have the world's worst hairdresser, but she will always be a beautiful person in my book.

good story, she sounds like a nice person from your experiance
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