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Re: "Tea. Earl Grey. Hot." Did Picard really need to say it?

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I think Tea. Earl Grey. Hot is a very Americans thing to say. Everyone in the rest of the world when ordering tea knows it is severed hot, Americans presume it is cold and have to specify if they want it hot. Kinda strange as the rest of the tea drinking world always serves tea hot. Living in Canada I always find it amusing when an American orders tea in a restaurant, as a former waiter I enjoyed the look on our southern neighbours faces when I brought them the tea as they were always shocked it is served hot. Here as in England and much of the world if you want an Iced Tea you have to specifically order it in that way. So for myself whenever I hear Picard using the catch phrase, I assume only an American writer could have come up with something like that.
Most people north of Virginia expect ordering tea will give them a hot drink (Iced Tea is the cold drink).

Tea, Earl Grey, Hot is 4 syllables. That's not that hard to say, so I don't see the need to program something in.
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