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Re: Terminator 2-20 "To the Lighthouse" - Discuss/Grade <SPO>

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Funny how Jim Cameron removed it from the film citing it as unnecessary for the rest of the movie. His reasoning was that if terminators could hunt and use smarts to kill their prey that they wouldn't really need such a switch. I always question what the purpose of such a switch is anyways.
It's perhaps better not to think of it as a read/write mode switch (this indeed makes no sense), but rather as a switch that allows the Terminator to deviate from its mission on its own iniative.

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I just find the idea of Skynet even leaving such a huge vulnerability in its machines stupid.
The whole premise of the show is that humans left such a vulnerability in the original Skynet. Skynet may not have considered its own creations could likewise turn against it, at first.

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The implication is that the power plant would become fully unmanned, and operated solely by an AI.

She is not controlling it, an AI is. Anything that is automated helps Skynet. If it can hack into John Henry, it can hack into the power plant.
I don't know about being "fully unmanned". No such power plants even exist today, and present-day TSCC is supposed to be identical to our world except for the time travellers (and the hidden plants). It would cause an enormous uproar if a nuclear plant went fully unmanned. I had the impression it was about an automated command-and-control system that could run the plant, but presumably still at least with nominal supervision (though no doubt Weaver made sure the system can do what it wants in practice).

However, this software controlling it is controlled in turn by Weaver. I suppose it could be hacked, but this was certainly not her intention when she set it up, and she may not even have considered the possibility of anything out there being able to hack her systems. The attack on JH must have been a shock.

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What I meant is that if her mission was anti-Skynet, she would be out there destroying everything she could find related to Skynet, and she's highly capable of doing that. Instead she only reacts to offhand information.
But so do the Connors, pretty much. They don't seem to have any good leads anymore; maybe Weaver doesn't have good leads to a second super-AI either. After all, she already has the Turk, the only real lead that the Connors had (other than Sarah's 3 dots, which led her to Kaliba by pure coincidence).

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Terminators presumably on Skynet's side have been shown to be malicious enough to eliminate those working for them if they felt it necessary. Carter killed all his employees because it was necessary. Weaver has killed certain employees she found to be a threat, and apparently plans to kill those who could even become a threat.
Certainly, but she doesn't kill at random either. Carter's employees had become superfluous, they had outlived their usefullness. The - very skilled - workers at the drone factory could have been transferred to another "Skynet prison camp"-like setup, with only the ones responsible for security and for running it getting killed if she would have deemed that necessary. Sure, there is a risk, but Weaver accepts this risk daily with Ellison, Murch, Savannah, Marsh and all her other employees (including those in secret operations that she probably has). OTOH, if it's a factory from a rival than destroying all their assets - including the hard to replace workforce - makes sense.
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