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Re: I liked the Borg more before the Borg Queen and Q before Voyager.

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There are ways to rationalize the Queen away as a literal queen for the most part. I think the greater factor that diminished the Borg was that they seemed like pushovers. Tiny little Voyager escaping them every week? Riiight.

Q did get a tad overused on VGR (his introduction to VGR being the greater oddity for me), but 'Death Wish' was very good and 'The Q and the Grey' had its moments.

Agreed on both.

There was nothing exactly wrong with the Queen idea, and she worked OK in First Contact - but then she started appearing in every Borg episode in later Voyager, and suddenly it wasn't the Borg themselves that were the threat, it was just the queen, and her drones were basically mindless footsoldiers for our heroes to hack and slash their way through. Never on Voyager after Scorpion were the Borg half as scary as they were in BOBW, the mindless force bent on a single goal. At one point, the very name 'Borg' carried a goosebumps effect in the Star Trek fan - they were the villain that could really hurt us. But by the end of Voyager, it was 'ho hum, Borg again is it?' - they had been beaten too many times by a single ship to be remotely scary anymore.

As for Q, he never really worked after TNG - his appearence on DS9 sucked as well, imho. Removed from Jean Luc Picard as a foil he was a fairly insipid and irritating character. And Voyager had a habit of playing him as Janeway's intellectual equal, which was annoying. On TNG, even when our characters 'won', he always seemed to have an amused smile on his face as if he was really the puppet master even then - but on DS9 and Voyager, he seemed to have lost his edge, the inferior of the Starfleet crew.
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