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Re: Terminator 2-20 "To the Lighthouse" - Discuss/Grade <SPO>

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Don't you find that odd considering Uncle Bob's scenario? He had detailed files all about Dyson.
You answered your own question if you think about it. Skynet may have realized that the Connors had access to outside help in learning about Skynet's origins at the hands of Dyson. It may have restricted the data or not included it in the information installed in the terminators.
But that's just Skynet and doesn't apply to Cameron. It's possible that Uncle Bob's detailed files were put there by John. John could put a whole bunch of strategic information in there. Cameron should know a lot more than she does, but the writers willfully make her ignorant. They are doing the same thing for Weaver, who we might argue that Skynet also doesn't have influence over. If she's gone rogue, then she might have taken the time to acquire the necessary knowledge to manipulate the future. It's doubtful that she would travel back in time without sufficient knowledge of what she was trying to change.

Maybe the faction somehow hacked Skynet's database and learned about - at very least - The Turk.
That seems like an obscure but pivotal detail though. If they hacked in, and in the areas of Skynet's origins, they should know a lot more than just Andy Goode and the Turk.

It's been established since T2 the Ultimate Edition as a possibility for the machines to rebel against Skynet. The dialogue pretty much confirms this while the T-800 explains he is sent out on read only instead of read and write because Skynet doesn't want them doing too much thinking. They may have developed a more peaceful stance toward the humans thinking of them as not a threat.
Funny how Jim Cameron removed it from the film citing it as unnecessary for the rest of the movie. His reasoning was that if terminators could hunt and use smarts to kill their prey that they wouldn't really need such a switch. I always question what the purpose of such a switch is anyways.

I also doubt that whatever Uncle Bob learned would ever conflict with his original programming: Protect John Connor. Just the same I doubt the terminators would ever learn enough to override their basic command of killing humans.

I just find the idea of Skynet even leaving such a huge vulnerability in its machines stupid.

As for the AI - what is stopping the other faction from taking it in the end.
The implication is that the power plant would become fully unmanned, and operated solely by an AI. In their refitting, they would probably get rid of all consoles and controls if no humans were going to be working there. This would make it a lot harder for the resistance to use.

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And Weaver did go out there to squash it, didn't she?
What I meant is that if her mission was anti-Skynet, she would be out there destroying everything she could find related to Skynet, and she's highly capable of doing that. Instead she only reacts to offhand information.

As for being worried, that was because she has just discovered a serious competitor in her own line of business (both regarding developping super AIs and collecting Coltan). I always thought this made way more sense than Weaver killing all of her own employees because someone made a mistake - I could understand killing those few directly responsible, but the whole plant? She was eliminating the competition.
She didn't really seem that worried when JH was hacked though. She seemed more intrigued than anything, and not at all angry like she was before.

Terminators presumably on Skynet's side have been shown to be malicious enough to eliminate those working for them if they felt it necessary. Carter killed all his employees because it was necessary. Weaver has killed certain employees she found to be a threat, and apparently plans to kill those who could even become a threat. Wiping out all her own people is not something uncharacteristic of a terminator, especially if she considered them all to be a risk. And they were all a risk.

It does not help Skynet - Serrano point isn't "automated" in a vacuum, she is the one controlling it, ergo she is helping herself (and JH), not Skynet and not the Connors.
No. She is not controlling it, an AI is. Anything that is automated helps Skynet. If it can hack into John Henry, it can hack into the power plant.
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