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Re: Terminator 2-20 "To the Lighthouse" - Discuss/Grade <SPO>

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How is it masterful? Weaver looks worried and says it was a mistake to JH. You'd think she might be thrilled if hunting Skynet was her objective, but she looked upset. Even if hunting Skynet was her objective, then what's stopping her? She's from the future, so she should know a thing or two about how Skynet develops, and if it's really a threat to her, she should be out there squashing it.
And Weaver did go out there to squash it, didn't she? As for being worried, that was because she has just discovered a serious competitor in her own line of business (both regarding developping super AIs and collecting Coltan). I always thought this made way more sense than Weaver killing all of her own employees because someone made a mistake - I could understand killing those few directly responsible, but the whole plant? She was eliminating the competition.

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Not to mention why did she set up that automation of Seranno Point in "Automatic For the People", something which could clearly help Skynet a lot? If Weaver was looking to build a rival to Skynet, doing things that help both herself and Skynet seems foolish.
It does not help Skynet - Serrano point isn't "automated" in a vacuum, she is the one controlling it, ergo she is helping herself (and JH), not Skynet and not the Connors. Maybe Weaver just thinks it's handy to have control over important power sources (JH needs plenty of electical power, and Weaver does have her own Coltan factories, I suspect), and she could also anticipate some other version of Skynet trying to take control over it, which may give her an opportunity to identify this potential enemy when it makes a move at the plant when it's under her control/monitoring.

It could also be an important point to use in negotiation with human resistance fighters like the Connors, if she ever has to treat with them (which I suspect is going to happen soon).
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