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Re: Terminator 2-20 "To the Lighthouse" - Discuss/Grade <SPO>

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She doesn't necessarily know anything about Skynet's development. In the Pilot Cameron only knew the date of Judgment Day, she knew nothing else in relation to who developed Skynet.
Don't you find that odd considering Uncle Bob's scenario? He had detailed files all about Dyson.

I realize it was done this way on the show to keep things a mystery, but for Cameron and Weaver to know so little of their own history that they're trying to change seems strange. And Weaver is apparently aware enough of Skynet's development that she knows Andy Goode and the Turk were at one point pivotal to it.

Maybe there truly is a faction that wants peace or maybe she is, in some ways, helping the Resistance... We do know that Seranno Point is in Resistance hands in 2027.
But it doesn't make sense to make it automated by AI then because it would be that much harder for the resistance to utilize. And it's been speculated that Weaver was the liquid metal on the Jimmy Carter, so she has shown she doesn't want to join the resistance. That it had any desires independent from Skynet is really strange anyways. Being some independent faction doesn't really make sense in so many ways.
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