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Re: "Tea. Earl Grey. Hot." Did Picard really need to say it?

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I think Tea. Earl Grey. Hot is a very Americans thing to say. Everyone in the rest of the world when ordering tea knows it is severed hot, Americans presume it is cold and have to specify if they want it hot. Kinda strange as the rest of the tea drinking world always serves tea hot. Living in Canada I always find it amusing when an American orders tea in a restaurant, as a former waiter I enjoyed the look on our southern neighbours faces when I brought them the tea as they were always shocked it is served hot. Here as in England and much of the world if you want an Iced Tea you have to specifically order it in that way. So for myself whenever I hear Picard using the catch phrase, I assume only an American writer could have come up with something like that.
Same thing in America. I've never ever heard of anybody ordering TEA and someone getting confused that it's not supposed to be hot. I waitressed years ago and when someone asked for tea I never said would you like that tea hot or cold? When we want cold tea we say iced-tea. We always say iced-tea on this side on the pond...always! The only thing we may ask about the ice tea is if it's sweetened or not. Can I get an Amen from my fellow Americans on this very very important issue.
It depends on the kind of restaurant. A lot of places that serve iced-tea don't have regular ol' hot tea. But yeah, usually (in Texas, at least) people say "iced tea" (which is assumed unsweetened) or they say "sweet tea" (which is assumed to be cold, or "iced"). Occasionally, if you ask for "iced tea," the server will follow up with "sweetened or un(sweetened)?" A lot of fountain machines have some sort of unsweetened iced tea (with lemons, sugar, and artificial sweetener nearby) or sweetened, flavoured (lemon, raspberry, peach, etc.) iced tea as an option. Sometimes (especially in the sweltering, Texas summer heat) I stock my refrigerator with cans of sweet, lemon Brisk iced tea. The best place to get sweet tea in the US is at Chicken Express, a fastfood chain where it's brewed fresh every day and can be purchased by the gallon. CE is also unique in that the fountain machines have delicious Dublin Dr. Pepper. That's been my experience, anyway.

Also, regular hot tea is nasty. Whoever figured out that adding ice made it 1000x better was a true genius, in every sense of the word.
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