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Re: Terminator 2-20 "To the Lighthouse" - Discuss/Grade <SPO>

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How is it masterful? Weaver looks worried and says it was a mistake to JH. You'd think she might be thrilled if hunting Skynet was her objective, but she looked upset. Even if hunting Skynet was her objective, then what's stopping her? She's from the future, so she should know a thing or two about how Skynet develops, and if it's really a threat to her, she should be out there squashing it.
She doesn't necessarily know anything about Skynet's development. In the Pilot Cameron only knew the date of Judgment Day, she knew nothing else in relation to who developed Skynet.

Not to mention why did she set up that automation of Seranno Point in "Automatic For the People", something which could clearly help Skynet a lot? If Weaver was looking to build a rival to Skynet, doing things that help both herself and Skynet seems foolish. If somehow it did make sense, then the development of aerial HKs at heat and air would probably benefit her as well. Her whole plan seems silly right now.
Maybe there truly is a faction that wants peace or maybe she is, in some ways, helping the Resistance... We do know that Seranno Point is in Resistance hands in 2027.
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