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Re: A Hater Revisits Voyager

^ Here's another for you.

Lifesigns (***)

I had seen bits and pieces of this episode in the past but I don't think I ever saw it from beginning to end. It is one of only a handful of episodes of Trek which I have never fully seen before, I think that Resolutions and Real Life are the only two others.

The episode moved a bit slowly for my tastes, although the writing is good and I believed the chemistry between the Doctor and Pel. Picardo had me laughing out loud during the scene where he reveals to Pel that he is in love with her, great timing on his part. I didn't like the ending so much, I really hated that final scene because it was played as if this was the first time the Doctor had seen Pel since she went back into her own body, but he is the one who performed the procedure! Of course he knows what she looks like, he was probably talking to her in sickbay 20 minutes ago. Also, you don't see a goodbye scene between them. Maybe it wasn't needed, maybe we've seen similar goodbyes too many times in the past, but I wasn't satisfied by them just dancing at the end.

Also, what happened with his new name? Shmullus wasn't a great name, but we never hear it again, not even Pel calls him it again after their first date.

Then there is the Paris story which I know plays into next week's episode. The problem I have with this Paris insubordinate arc is that I know he is only pretending as part of a ruse planned by Tuvok and Janeway, I would have much preferred if this had been happening for real.
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