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Re: Mr T is desperate for cash/sunk to a new low

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He has sunk low, very low...
He may take some embarassing gigs, but Mr. T has always been a class act in my book.

He appeared without his trademark gold chains on several talk shows after Hurricane Katrina, saying he had given them to one of the relief charities because it just didn't feel right to be walking around with that much around his neck when that many people were in that great a need.

I've seen that he has some back, now, in more recent appearances, but I can't blame him too much: they're part of his stage persona, and the advertisers and such that pay for "Mr. T" probably expect it. It's still cool that he took the opportunity to help raise awareness of the Katrina situation.
I second his decision re: the chains. Apparently he also dons them for charity events.

But what about this "wow... instead of turnin' the food, you turnin' the air!" - erm... how long have fan forced ovens been around for - hardly anything new!
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