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Re: if Chakotay doesn't have a last name, when he gets married...

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...and one of them again in an unfinished fic.
Did I hear the words 'unfinished fic'?
Hmm.... Must do something about that. *huggles*
What if I told you I have over 20 thousand words right now.


hmmm thats not very much, keep on going!

I got stories fan fiction from fantasy series that is 40,000 words and it three parts...

<-- amateur writer, its ready to be published, although i am still editing.

Part 3 is being tough tho... there is two versions and I am trying to decide which would be a proper finish for it.

damn writer's block.

And yes i write fan fic trek stuff alot... some of it is pretty good. I put alot of characters that would be considered extras in the series/movies tho... I usually rarely focus on main characters.

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