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Re: (UEFA) Football Thread - Football not Soccer

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^Plus I know Arsenal's scouts have watched him more than once and it's known that Arsene likes him.
Didn't know that maybe he should buy hin to partner Fabregas in midfield if they fail to land Barry or Alonso in summer. Noble is a very good player
I don't know if Arsené will ever put his money where his mouth is on one of these English central midfielders he likes, but Noble would be welcome at the Emirates.
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Anyone see Bellamy's interview after the Wales Vs Finland game?

Bellamy was obviosuly disappointed in the immediate aftermath, but he specifically stated that Finland "Weren't a good team" and that Johannsen "Isn't a good enough player to score". Seems a little sour grapes-ish to me. Finland were easily worthy winners.

Brilliant goal from Ballack for their first of four against Lichtenstein.
Well, apparently, Tomalak did.

Bellamy is a clueless moron, plain and simple. Johannson scored plenty of Premier League goals while he was with Charlton, so scoring against Wales is a step down for him.
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