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Mr T is desperate for cash/sunk to a new low

He starred in an infomercial recently, which is so bad it makes it good again. He really shows his age, and the acting from him is just... well, it disappoints anyone who may have admired him before. I know this should maybe go in the youtube thread, but I can't help myself:

"my tastebuds is goin wild!"

"set it to cook, and you're off the hook" (repeated ad nauseum)

"dats' disgustin!" (LOVE the look on his face)

"i love cris[p], crunchy crus[t]"

He has sunk low, very low...
"If you don't like something, don't watch it again. Why whinge about it on a forum to a load of divs? Don't worry about it." - Karl Pilkington.
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