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If we must compare... compare it to a present-day mass-produced public consumable, not a feckin airplane. A PDA perhaps. They're slightly more convenient than pen and paper. They're certainly more advanced. When they fail, though, you lose your data.
Again, though, we're talking a technology centuries ahead of our own, so why are you assuming failure would be commonplace?

Pen and paper ain't gonna lose no data. Clothes ain't gonna disappear on you.
Conventional clothes can and do fail in embarrassing ways. The seam of your pants can tear open when you bend over. A bathing suit can come undone while you're in the water and leave you exposed. A garment can be excessively thin or translucent and reveal more than you'd prefer. A low neckline or tank top with no bra underneath can lead to accidental exposure if a woman leans over too far. Heck, half of what paparazzi do is try to get "nipple slip" photos of celebrities. Conventional clothing is not as foolproof as you assert.

Besides, as discussed earlier, we're talking about a future culture that doesn't share our nudity taboo.
Being left freezing cold because your superbelt has failed due to any number of reasons, where you could just have worn trousers and a shirt that have a 0% failure rate, would leave most people decidedly pissed off.
Why in the world would you assume that this is meant to be worn in every situation to the exclusion of all other clothing? It's just one option. It's a fashion choice. Nobody ever said people would be wearing this in the dead of winter or in Antarctica or something. You'd be left freezing cold if you wore a t-shirt and shorts in the dead of winter, but that doesn't mean nobody ever wears t-shirts and shorts. It just means they wear them in contexts where it makes sense to do so. Naturally the same would apply to this or to any other clothing choice.

My point, which is being lost in a sea of airplanes and other unrelated nonsense, is that this supposed advanced clothing would offer nothing practical over simple fabric, and would be less reliable.

In short, there would be no reason to use it.
And that is not in dispute. We're talking about fashion. There's no practical reason for most fashion choices. Sometimes the sheer gratuitousness of it is the whole point.
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