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Re: TMP's uniforms

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An airplane replies on a power supply and electronic circuitry that, if it failed, would leave you dead wherever you are. But people still fly in airplanes, because our technology is capable of producing power supplies and circuits that usually don't fail. Surely technology 260 years more advanced wouldn't be as incredibly fragile as you're assuming.
An airplane? Are you in the correct thread?

If we must compare... compare it to a present-day mass-produced public consumable, not a feckin airplane. A PDA perhaps. They're slightly more convenient than pen and paper. They're certainly more advanced. When they fail, though, you lose your data.

Pen and paper ain't gonna lose no data. Clothes ain't gonna disappear on you. Many people use PDAs for storage of non-critical data. No business in their right mind will keep anything important on one, though. Paper all the way.
Besides, as discussed earlier, we're talking about a future culture that doesn't share our nudity taboo.
Being left freezing cold because your superbelt has failed due to any number of reasons, where you could just have worn trousers and a shirt that have a 0% failure rate, would leave most people decidedly pissed off.

My point, which is being lost in a sea of airplanes and other unrelated nonsense, is that this supposed advanced clothing would offer nothing practical over simple fabric, and would be less reliable.

In short, there would be no reason to use it.
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