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Re: TMP's uniforms

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Well, for one thing, there's the fact that "wall" forcefields and "tow-cable" tractor beams are physically absurd; fields of force don't actually work that way and couldn't be used as replacements for those functions anyway. Levitation is the most reasonable of those proposals, assuming it's a maglev system, because a totally frictionless system has obvious advantages over wheels.
Perfectly plausible...

... in Star Trek world.
A clothing belt, though... would be subjected to quite a lot of stress, and for little to no practical benefit over normal clothing. Replicated clothing from a fixed wall unit sounds far more practical in a Star Trek world.
What practical benefit is there to a tie or hoop earrings or stiletto heels or bell bottoms or t-shirts with goofy slogans on them?
They aren't reliant on a power supply and electronic circuitry that, if it failed, would leave you completely naked wherever you are.
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