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Re: Wolverine And The X-Men - anyone watching?

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Given the bleak present and the liklihood of an even bleaker future (MRD, Sentinels, etc) can you see Catatonic Cyclops being the leader the X-Men need?

I can't.

The only other possible option MIGHT be Storm, but Wolverine is a soldier. He'll make the tough calls "Slim" wouldn't dare make.
That's a decent explanation. Not sure I buy Xavier thinking in those terms, though. I see him as more of an idealist. And Scott is like a son to him. He'd be more likely to tell Scott that he had to get his act together and become a leader again because the world depended on it.

Although maybe Charles is trying to protect Scott. Logan essentially can't be killed, so if things are getting much more dangerous for the X-Men, he's a good choice as the leader.
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