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Re: A Hater Revisits Voyager

I sort of feel that way about the various Trek shows too.

That they should be different enough to actually justify the making of a new series. If they are just churning out the same old stuff then it starts to feel more like they are milking a cash cow and less like a creative, unique opportunity to write interesting stories.

But, to be fair, the other Trek shows had that problem too.

TNG's 1st season was too much like TOS (done badly) and so it was despised. DS9's 1st felt very much like an average season of TNG (Vash, Q, Duras sisters, Lwaxana Troi, anomalies of the week) and it was also the weakest season of the show in my opinion.

Voyager, far too often, felt like TNG in the Delta Quadrant. It could have been SO much MORE. That is what makes it disappointing for me.

Like it or hate it, DS9 broke some real ground. Developing a full main cast plus a dozen recurring characters? Multiple, interconnected story arcs? A deep look at religion, politics, war, and corruption in and out of the Federation? Real character conflict and real, adult character relationships?

The Voyager writers were given a guaranteed 7 years to explore any sort of stories they wanted. They didn't have to worry about cancellation. They could have done so many interesting things! Any writing team would be blessed to have such a playground!

But instead we got more Q. More Borg. More anomalies. More holodeck stories. Why?
As someone said above, I think I would rather have watched the adventures of the starship Equinox for 5 or 6 years. It seemed like they had a far more interesting time in the DQ.

However, Voyager did have some good standalone episodes. I'll give them that.

I did like Deathwish (though that should have been the last we saw of Q). Dreadnought's plot was a litte tough for me to swallow, but it had some good 'Lanna moments.
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