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Re: Wolverine And The X-Men - anyone watching?

Why do you hate Wolverine
As if the name of the series wasn't clue enough. I don't hate Wolverine, I hate what he's become. When he was just a character, I liked him. Now he's THE CHARACTER and everything revolves around him. When he was the mysterious Man With No Name I liked him. Now? The mystery and coolness is gone thanks to That Origin story and decades of overexposure. He's an overexposed fanboy powertrip wetdream run amok and he's taking the other characters down into mediocrity with him and he has been for years. He's a bore, a cliche, and a walking parody of himself.

I remember the exact moment I grew to dislike him. Garth Ennis just totally took the piss out of him when he had him guest star in The Punisher. He wrote him as cartoony and self-parodying has he could. But the sad thing was it wasn't that much of a parody("No where ya can hide Clide! Come git yer kicks on Route Snikty-Snikt!"). Castle called him something so profound that I just couldn't take the character seriously after that. He called him "Yosemite Sam". "Oh. My. God. He IS Yosemite Sam.".

and Emma Frost,
I have a terrible medical condition I've had since I was a kid. When witness to or in the pressence of a mean-spirited, nasty, destructive, heinous scumfuck I tend to have a violent, allergic reaction. I could point out that her existence and rise to promince was done at the expense and destruction of 30 years of some of the best modern mythology in comics. I could point out that she's a generic retro-90's Bad Girl, that's gone past her experation date, who does nothing but lower the tone and drags every character down into mediocrity with her. She's just a pair of tits with an attitude. They should be honest and just draw her as a pair of boobies, with a biker hat on top, that just stands there and does boobie like things. "The Skrulls are attacking again. What should we do Emma? "*Jiggle, jiggle, jiggle. Squirt, squirt, squirt*" "Good plan Emma. We'll flank them and take them by surprise. Good thing we have you here Emma to think of stuff like that." "*Jiggle, squirt*". "Oh, Emma. My that was a good joke. All right X-Men, lets go!" "*JIGGLE SQUIRT JIGGLE*"

and why was the franchise better in the past, exactly?
Because it's like comparing The Beatles to Linkin Park. If you can't understand that, then I can't help you.
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