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short episode series based on SoVF

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The episodes don't have to be three minutes, why not fifteen? It can be like the old time serials.

Star Trek Secret of Vulcan Fury Trailer #1
The story for SoVF was to be divided into six chapters or episodes
see the details here.

[FONT=Verdana]voices of the original TOS crew and a story scripted by Star Trek author DC Fontana[/FONT]

CaptJimboJones posted what DC Fontana wrote about novelizing the script
back in 2007. but what about if instead these six chapters were turned into a CGI miniseries that were available on a few platforms via download?

PLAYSTATION 3 or PSP at PlayStation Store via a PlayStation Network account
the HD video capabilities of the New Xbox Experience
as Xbox Live original short films/serial short films

The original short films are free to watch and generate revenue via advertising. According to John, Microsoft agreed to make the films as a way to test the waters. If they're downloaded by enough people, Microsoft will turn Xbox Live into a "television network of sorts," he says, expanding original content into outright series.

the program of 2008 Sundance Film Festival short films for sale on Xbox LIVE® Marketplace for Xbox 360®.
Sundance Institute helps build audiences for short films through partnerships with the iTunes Movie Store, Xbox LIVE, and through Netflix's instant watching feature on the company’s member Web Site.
Xbox 360 will offer yet another $1.99 download-to-own platform to purchase these movies through Xbox LIVE.

While this would not be free but $1.99 as a download-to-own option it would reduce the costs of DVD/Blu-ray publishing as well as distribution of physical media.
PlayStation Network and XBOX Live networks are private networks and like the iTunes Movie Store and Netflix store all 4 have the potential to be distributors as well as's online streaming video service, Video on Demand. Of course with most fans of TOS over age 35 the whole downloaded contents or content on videogame networks would not appeal that much so an eventual Blu-ray/DVD would be released but at least say a 3 month window of download-only could test the waters of direct-to-download new Trek content...

Borjis mentions a good thought about using the voice recordings of the original crew from 1998 with new CGI animation.
These would be the last episodes even possible with the original TOS actors.
Recording the voices of TREK actors for use in the game went off without a hitch, as posted on November 5, 1998.
The only other even possible things Paramount could do would be hire sound-a-like voice actors or create a voice database from all spoken lines and syllables similar to the idea gastrof brings up with the Majel Barret computer voice.

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